What is the time zone of Malawi?

Malawi has the same time zone as the rest of southern Africa; GMT + 2 hours.....

What is the Capital City of Malawi?

Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi and it is centrally located to the rest of the country. It is the perfect place from which to take flights to the safari and game lodges in the country. With a lovely river running through the city, it is also known as the Garden City.

Surrounded by mountains, hills, beautifully landscaped gardens and tropical plants, Lilongwe has an authentic village atmosphere. Throughout the year a variety of flowers bloom to give the gardens delightful hues.

How big is the Population?

Malawi has a population of approximately 15 million. Most of the people live in rural traditional villages along Lake Malawi. The largest populated town is Blantyre, but Lilongwe is the capital and central to the rest of Malawi. Almost the whole population is made up of Black African people from different ethnic groups. Less than 1% of the population is made up of Asians and Europeans.

How big is the area of Malawi?

Malawi has a land coverage of 945 000 square kilometres.

Where is Malawi located?

Malawi is a small landlocked country located in southeast Africa. Surrounding countries include Mozambique to the southwest and east, Tanzania to the north and Zambia to the west. The main features of Malawi are a variety of stunning and scenic plateaux and Africa's third biggest lake - Lake Malawi. The most prominent areas of the country are the Dedza, Zomba and Mulanje Mountains. There are also eight rivers and hundreds of streams.

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