African Airline Flying to Malawi

The following African airlines fly to Malawi regularly: Air Malawi, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Air Zimbabwe and Air Zambia.


Most international flights land at Lilongwe, Malawi's capital, but several flights, especially those from Johannesburg, land at the business centre of Blantyre in the south.


Check with the nearest Embassy of Malawi or your travel agent if you require a visa - some nationalities do and regulations change from time to time. Your passport should be valid for at least six months on arrival. Visa should be applied online. 

Customs and immigration

Officials try to make your arrival and departure as trouble-free as possible and baggage handling is efficient and fairly fast.

Travelling Overland

Malawi has become a very popular staging post for trans-Africa travellers and it is also a very good country in which to begin an African trip. Many tour operators offer packages into and out of Malawi and there are regular coach services from Johannesburg and Harare. (Road Distances in Malawi)

When to visit

Malawi is always beautiful. The cooler months (May to October) are comfortable for travellers from the northern hemisphere, but the lush green summer (November to April) is also a good time to visit. The May and June months combine the best of both seasons - cooler, still green with great visibility - and are especially good for photography.

Game viewing is best in the hottest times of the dry season when the animals are forced to visit water sources, but the country is more attractive in the wetter, greener months. Bird watchers enjoy their best sightings in October and November.

Check for school holiday dates, particularly for those in South Africa when more tourists visit Malawi and resorts can become crowded.
Initially, due to lot of migration and conflicts, there existed no Malawian society. Late in the 20th century, the distinctions between different tribal groups decreased to a great extent. Despite some frictions, the Malawian society and culture have emerged strongly. The people of Malawi are basically conservative and traditional.

Chitenje is a very popular clothing of the Malawi women. This fabric forms a very important part of the Malawi culture since its uses are varied. The Malawi ladies wear it over their skirt using it as an apron. This is also used as a potholder or a baby carrier. For every auspicious occasion, it is a popular custom of the Malawi women to buy matching patterns of this fabric.

Different types of food play an important role in their culture. The Malawi food is a very significant aspect of the Malawi culture. Nsima (maize porridge) is the most common cuisine of the Malawi people. Malawians also prefer eating rice, potatoes and cassavas, though rice is regarded a luxury. In a nutshell, this is a brief synopsis of the Malawi culture and society.


The music traditions of Malawi are rich with cultural influences that include those of the Zulu Ngoni people from South Africa, the Islamic Yao people of Tanzania and others.

Most tribes have their own individual songs and dances. Common musical instruments found include drums, the mambilira, (which is similar to the western xylophone) rattles of different types and sizes, shakers which are tied to dancers' legs and arms and are often known as maseche.
Malawi “the warm heart of Africa” beckons you to make it a must destination in your lifetime. E.F Schumacher famously claimed, "small is beautiful" this could not be more true for Malawi, carefully tucked away between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia this gem of Africa is rich in culture, magnificent scenery and the breath taking lake which made Victorian England’s hero Doctor David Livingstone crown his beloved and challenging discovery the ‘Lake of Stars’.

Malawi is truly an African romance, whether you would like to have an adventurous backpacking experience or a pampered holiday to remember, Malawi has everything because it caters to your needs. The perfect beach allows your eyes to feast on the wider wonder of turquoise water, blue sky and a distant shoreline of misty mountains. The uplands give way to dramatic inselbergs and spectacular highlands- the Mulanje massif, the highest mountain in central Africa and Zomba Mountain in the southern region of the country. Northwards are the enchanting afforested Viphya plateau and the superb rolling grasslands of the Nyika.

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